Detox Body Therapy

Our Detox Body Therapy is designed to offer a relaxing experience with detoxifying benefits.

Each treatment starts with a seaweed and salt exfoliation to smooth and renew the skin, followed by a body wrap using our Classic Clay Solution. A relieving scalp massage is then performed while the clay gets to work and removes excess toxins from the body. The therapy concludes with an application of our Rosemary and Lime Detox Oil to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

We have two versions of this therapy available a half body treatment and full body treatment. Check with your Salon which one they offer.


Key Benefits

  • Helps to remove toxins from the body
  • Renews, softens and nourishes the skin
  • Helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Relaxing treatment

Extend your results at home

Used within your salon treatment is our sensuous Detox Massage Oil features a powerful and proven* anti-oxidising ingredient Rosamox™, which is able to prevent and reduce UV-induced skin damages, leaving the skin, smooth, well-conditioned, and soothed.


Detox Massage Oil Rosemary and Lime

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