Slimming Home Care Body Wrap Kit


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Based on our hugely successful in-salon treatment, it is now possible for you to treat a local area on your body with the same professional treatment.

  • Lose inches in just 1 hour
  • Slim & contour in the privacy of your home
  • Target up to 5 areas on your body
  • Detoxes, smoothes and softens the skin
  • Includes 3 treatments

This home care kit is simple to use and can provide exceptionally good results.  Using exactly the same clay and mineral mixture as we use within our professional treatment along with the same style of bandage.  Simply choose the area of concern and wrap accordingly.


  • Handy Mixing Tub
  • 4 high-quality bandages (reusable)
  • 3 Bags of Clay Powder (3 treatments)
  • Tape Measure
  • Plastic Overcover
  • Measurement Charts and Instruction leaflet

There are two ways of applying the wrap:

1. mix the clay with some warm water so that it becomes a creamy mask, apply over the area of concern.  Place the bandages in a bowl/sink of hot water for a couple of minutes, remove and wring out well and wrap the hot damp bandages over the clay.  Leave on for 60mins.


2. pour the clay powder into the Tupperware container and add very warm water (see instructions, mix well, and place bandages in the solution and let them absorb the solution for a few minutes.  Remove one bandage at a time, wring our reasonably well – but not overly so, and wrap the bandage over the area of concern.  Leave for 60mins.

Within the kit, you will find a plastic type over suit you can place on your body over the bandaged area.

For the very best results, it would be good to exfoliate or body-brush the area before applying the wrap.

It is quite safe to re-apply the wrap as and when required.

You can simply purchase extra clay when required, the bandages can be washed between use and used again and again, but extra bandages are also available for purchase.

Slimming Body Wrap

Body Wrap Slimming Kit Components

Clay-Solution 3x Professional Classic Clay Solution (220g)
Our latest blend of concentrated ingredients to provide the ultimate partial body wrap. Enough to cover 3 partial body wrap treatments.
Container Slimming Kit Mixing Container
Simply add Classic Clay, bandages and warm water.
Bandages 4x Professional Body Wrap Bandage
Quality, re-usable and machine washable bandages that provide the correct tension for the most effective body wrap.
Measurement-Card Measurement Card x3
Helps with accurate measurements and calculating your results.
Tape-Measure Tape Measure
Use before and after your treatment to calculate your results.
Body-Cover Protective Body Cover
Cover your wrapped body parts during your treatment to retain moisture and warmth whilst protecting your furniture from the clay solution.


A unique blend of mineral-rich clay and specialised body wrapping techniques help cleanse your body & draw out toxins whilst actively compressing the soft fatty tissues to create instant inch loss and a body sculpting effect.

Once the warm clay-soaked bandages are applied, you can lie back and relax for an hour while the slimming body wrap gets to work.

This is not a water loss treatment. In fact, we recommend you drink water regularly after your treatment to enhance detoxification.

Slimming Body Wrap Contents


In order to achieve maximum benefits, we recommend you exfoliate the area you wish to treat before applying the Classic Clay Solution. This removes dead skin cells and will allow effective penetration of the clay as well as stimulating circulation. We recommend using our Marine Body Scrub for optimum results.



After the Body Wrap Slimming Kit bandages have been removed, the special Classic Clay solution remains in the pores of the skin and your inch loss can continue for three to four days. We recommend during this time to wash only with tepid water, although this is optional. After the body wrap, you should also drink plenty of water to help flush and rid your body of impurities.


Unlike our Professional Body Wrap which offers a 6-inch guarantee, we cannot guarantee any inch loss from this Home Care Body Wrap Slimming Kit. This is primarily down to the fact that our specially trained therapists apply the body wrap technique with precise skill. We offer full instructions for you to do this at home, but as you will be wrapping only a small area on the body, the results cannot be compared to our professional treatment.

Whilst this product does not offer any weight loss claims, the detoxification and compression process can help you tighten and tone the skin, often resulting in inch loss, however, all clients’ results will vary depending on diet, health and lifestyle.