Die Klassische Ganzkörperpackung

Our world-famous Classic full body pack for more than 25 years has been one of the favorites of our customers, and because of their incredible and immediate results that are measurable as loss of many centimeters, and due to the unique centimeters loss guarantee that we can offer you. The impressive centimeters losses arise due to our all-natural Classic Lehmlösung, which we combine with special packaging techniques.

You get your Classic full body wrap treatment with the guarantee that you will lose at least 15 cm – otherwise you pay nothing. The average centimeter loss through the first treatment is about 25-35 cm.


Die 15 Cm-Garantie

If you are not from the first treatment to lose at least 15 cm girth, you pay a single cent!

If the decrease of at least 15 cm does not last 30 days, we offer you another, free treatment.

This double guarantee applies only to your first full body wrap. Even if you at other body treatments lose more centimeters, the effect is not as strong as your first treatment.

The warranty is valid only as long as you follow the instructions for after the treatment, which tells you your therapist in your salon.

Der Behandlungsprozess

Our Classic full body wrap is a full body treatment that takes approximately 2 hours to complete – and it is always performed by highly professional and fully trained therapists.

  1. Before treatment, your therapist will take at certain points of your body size.
  2. Special bandages that have been previously soaked in our Classic Lehmlösung, are then applied to the body wrap, with special winding techniques to apply.
  3. They will then carry a vinyl suit to keep your body warm while you lie on your back and relax for 1 hour – in this time unfolds the full body wrap their full effect. You can use this time to also like to make more out of your visit to the salon and to undergo additional treatments, such as a face pack or a manicure.
  4. After 60 minutes the bandages are handled through her body, and your therapist will again take part in various parts of the body measure – they will be amazed at how many centimeters you’ve lost.

To get the most from our classic full body pack, we recommend a series of treatments of 3-5 individual treatments, which should be separated at least 7-10 days.

Inch Loss

Wie Es Funktioniert

Full pack so successful. The Lehmlösung namely pulls the toxins (toxins) out of your body, while the special technique on an active manner compresses the soft fatty tissue. This results in an immediate loss of centimeters, as well as in strengthening and shaping your body stature.

After the completion of your treatment, the Classic Lehmlösung remains still for quite a while in the pores of your skin – and you can keep your centimeters loss for a further 3-4 days. We recommend you to wash during this time only with lukewarm water – however, this proposal is purely optional.

This is not a loss of water treatment. In fact, we would like to recommend that you drink water regularly after your treatment to help your body when leaving toxins – flush so downright toxins (toxins) out of your body.


Klassische Ganzkörperpackung Bewertungen

Universal Contour Wrap Body Wrap
3.89 out of 5 based on 2026 customer ratings

(2026 reviews)

  • Universal Contour Wrap Body Wrap
    Was a fine experience.
    ca, August 10, 2017
    4 out of 5

  • Universal Contour Wrap Body Wrap
    Exceeded expectations
    uk, August 5, 2015
    5 out of 5

  • Universal Contour Wrap Body Wrap
    I was really pleased to see that the product really did work.
    uk, Dezember 6, 2016
    5 out of 5

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Verwenden Sie Den Original UCW Body Wrap

To make sure your body wrap is an original, you will receive an official certificate with a security hologram and a serial number for each individual treatment. Please take this certificate necessarily home.

If you do not receive a treatment certificate with the original hologram, contact please us and tell us where this treatment was carried out.

Häufig Gestellte Fragen

  • How many treatments are necessary?

    Just one! We recommend for best results 3-5 treatments, but our cm Loss Warranty applies only to your first treatment.

    How much does it cost?

    Universal Contour Wrap® Classic, the leading UK slimming treatment is available nationwide in 1000 professional beauty salons, spas and medical centers. The treatment price varies from salon to salon, our recommended retail price is € 85.

    Return of lost body circumference after 30 days back?

    No, not if you follow our instructions for after treatment and not continue to increase. Some customers use the Universal Contour Wrap to start their slimming plan and immediately lose girth. Thanks to this rapid slimming effect they feel encouraged to make a greater contribution to a healthy lifestyle and to be even slimmer.

    Can I perform the treatment if I am pregnant?

    No. You should avoid even within 6 weeks after the birth and 12 weeks after a Caesarean section to the treatment.

    Provides treatment other advantages?

    Absolute! These are just some of the other advantages:

    Tightening and firming – UCW Classic revitalises the body’s elastin and punishes the areas where fat is stored so that the body is literally brought into the form that you deserve!

    Peeling and Cleaning – During the treatment, the entire body is wrapped in warm tape Agen so that every centimeter is cleaned and your skin supplied with nutrients. They are cleaned and fresh feel and look fantastic when you leave the salon!

    Firming – UCW Classic is an effective way to tighten the skin when it is relaxed after a pregnancy, dietary acceptance or cosmetic procedures like liposuctio

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