Classic Elite is an advanced treatment that combines the Universal Contour Wrap® inch loss Body Wrap with the completely unique Chrysalis machine. By offering a combination of Electrical muscle stimulation and thermal heat, the Classic Elite treatment promises the same guarantees as our unique Body Wrap, with enhanced results and a more relaxing experience.

3 Treatments are Available:

Shaping - For modelling and sculpting the thighs. Can be combined with the cellulite programme. Toning - An intensive programme for toning muscles. Cellulite - Reduces cellulite in the most critical areas by increasing localised circulation and cell exchange.


As well as the benefits of the Body Wrap, which include guaranteed inch loss and detoxification; Classic Elite offers further enhanced benefits:

  • Improved inch loss
  • Muscle toning & body shaping
  • Combats cellulite
  • Pampering, relaxing experience
  • 2 treatments in 1 session

How does it Work?

The instant heat relaxes the body and quickly opens the skins pores, allowing the Classic Clay Solution to draw out the toxins more rapidly and boost the blood flow. The effects allow for more oxygenation of tissues and lymphatic exchange, increasing the detoxification process. Whilst this process is underway, the electrical  muscle stimulation contracts muscle tissue to help break down cellulite and tone the skin.

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