The Universal Contour Wrap® anti-cellulite treatment is a powerful and effective treatment scientifically proven to reduce cellulite whilst sculpting the body.

Based on revolutionary Carboxy Therapy and patented ingredients, the treatment comprises of three key stages which all work together for instant and lasting results.


In a clinical trial carried out at Semyung University, the CO2 Body Sculptor showed cellulite was reduced by over 17% after 4 weeks in a study carried out on 20 women aged between 30 and 60.


The Salon Treatment

The treatment begins with a full leg exfoliation, removing the dead skin cells allowing for optimum penetration of subsequent products.

Our clinically proven CO2 Body Sculpting gel and patches combine to provide a warming boost of oxygen, boosting micro-circulation and strengthening skin cells. These patches are placed over key problem areas and remain on the skin for at least 30 minutes.

The treatment concludes with a 10 minute draining massage using your chosen massage oil of either our White Jasmine & Mint Anti-Cellulite oil or Rosemary & Lime Detox oil.

How Does it Work?

CO2 Body Sculpting Gel is applied to the CO2 Patch, which starts to create a chain reaction. The acid and carbonate react with each other to create CO2, which in turn migrates into the skin along with the active ingredients of the Body Sculpting Gel.The CO2 acts on the haemoglobin of red blood cells to release oxygen into the skin.

This helps boost metabolism, which strengthens the healing power of the skin improving microcirculation and the skin’s metabolism for slimmer, sharper body contours.

Cellulite-Icon-4 The Body Sculpting Gel dissolves the acid & bicarbonate of the CO2 patch.
Cellulite-Icon-3 The acid and salt react together within the patch, generating CO2.
Cellulite-Icon-2 The CO2 penetrates the skin, acting on the hemoglobin of red blood cells.
Cellulite-Icon-1 Oxygen production is increased and supplied to the skin (the Bohr Effect).


Each product within the Anti-Cellulite range is available for retail and professional use.


As well as increased blood flow helping to strengthen fibrous tissue, cellulite is further broken down and eliminated through the additional ingredients within the CO2 Body Sculpting Gel, such as Adiposlim™, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, PPC and Q-10.

Each Kit contains 50 x CO2 Patches and 300ml Body Sculpting Gel, sufficient for at least 12 treatments.


Utilizing a unique blend of ingredients our Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil helps to burn fat, shape contours, reduce cellulite and improve elasticity and firmness. With its key active ingredient Lipout™, tests have shown a 4.9cm reduction across the Thighs, Abdomen & Hips in just 2 months*. *View Lipout Study


Our sensuous Rosemary & Lime Detoxifying Massage Oil features a powerful and proven* anti-oxidising ingredient Rosamox™, which is able to prevent and reduce UV-induced skin damages, leaving the skin soothed, smooth and well conditioned. The addition if Apricot Kernel, Coconut, Sweet Almond & Grape Seed Oils offers excellent anti-oxidant and moisturising effects. *View Rosamox Study

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  • 1 x Professional Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil 1L (Trade: £48.00)
  • 1 x Professional Detox Massage Oil 1L (Trade: £40.00)
  • 2 x CO2 Body Sculptor Retail Pack (Trade: £30.00 / RRP: £59.95)
  • 3 x Retail Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil 100ml (Trade: £14.00 / RRP: £27.95)
  • 3 x Retail Detox Massage Oil 100ml (Trade: £13.00 / RRP: £25.95)
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